Sigma Pi Chapter at Albion College

Kappa Delta

Our Recruitment

Spring Recruitment 2020!

Recruitment 2020 was an incredibly successful year for Kappa Delta at Albion College! With 14 new members, KD is growing stronger than ever. We had such an amazing week and a great time. We can't wait for next year!

About Spring Recruitment 2021

Albion College's formal recruitment doesn't take place until the spring semester, giving students a chance to adjust to college before jumping into Greek Life. Formal Recruitment occurs after Winter Break. But don't worry, they have plenty of time to prepare for this fun-filled weekend!

At Albion, Formal Recruitment consists of a weekend with three rounds. The first round is on Friday night and focuses on introducing the house to potential new members. The second round, on Saturday, is all about our philanthropy. The third round, on Sunday, focuses on sisterhood and the deep bonds we form with each other. The weekend concludes with Bid Night on Sunday where we welcome our wonderful new members!

Contact Panhellenic Council of Albion College for more information! 

Myths About Joining a House

Myth: You will be hazed as a new member. 
Kappa Delta Sorority does not condone hazing in any form during any part of being a member. We know that hazing is a serious issue within Greek life, and as a chapter do everything possible to ensure the safety and comfort of our sisters.

Myth: All sororities do is party. 
Being a part of a sisterhood means so much more than partying. Not only do we participate in sisterhood events to foster the connection between our sisters, but we also interact with other members of the Greek community through various Panhellenic and philanthropic events.

Myth: A sorority is only for your 4 years in college. 

Kappa Delta's sisterhood is for a lifetime! Not only will you have access to a network of alumni, but there are also plenty of opportunities to give back to your chapter.

Myth: You need to click with every single girl in the house. 
Just as in any other organization, you will meet tons of new people. True relationships take time to form and eventually you can find some of your best of friends!

Myth: You can only be friends with your sisters.
So many of our sisters are apart of other organizations and groups. In fact, we encourage the involvement of our sisters on campus. We love to show off that KD confidence all around!