Sigma Pi Chapter at Albion College

Kappa Delta

International Women's Friendship Month

Celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month each September.

Created by Kappa Delta Sorority, International Women's Friendship Month provides an opportunity for all women to celebrate their female friends throughout the month of September. All Kappa Delta chapters host annual International Women’s Friendship Month celebrations.

Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating women's friendship in September! For more information on the month, please visit the Confidence Coalition website.


It is so very important to our sorority and our chapter that women not only confident in what they do, and love, but that we are able to support one another, and help each other through those tough times that everyone has. International Women's Friendship Month is the entire month of September. During this month, we are dedicated to promoting that friendship among the collegiate women of our society. As the Sigma Pi chapter we have several events throughout the month of September to show women not only how strong and capable they are but that others truly care about them.